Marble Flooring: Burlington

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Marble Flooring: Burlington
For homeowners seeking the ultimate in luxury flooring, there really is only one choice: marble. Marble floors have been featured in famous buildings throughout the ages, from ancient Greece's Parthenon to the Taj Mahal in Agra, and from the Supreme Court of the United States to Canada's own Parliament Buildings.

Burlington homeowners interested in marble flooring are in luck; some of the country's best stone suppliers service the Burlington area. To find a stone company, here a few guidelines to follow:
  • Look for firms with a good track record and a long list of satisfied customers!
  • Find a family-owned or independent store. These suppliers almost always carry a better grade of stone than franchise operations.
  • A company that boasts friendly employees who are willing to educate you about the various types of stone available will help you to make the right decision.
  • Go with a firm that carries a wide variety of stone and visit the showroom or warehouse if possible.
The Advantages of Marble Floors
  • Beauty. The first advantage has to be appearance. Marble floors are timeless and elegant, and each piece of marble is a unique piece of Mother Nature's art.
  • Healthy. Natural stone is one of the healthiest building materials available, as there are no dangerous chemicals to off-gas. For those who have allergies, marble is a perfect choice because pet hair, dust and dirt can be easily banished with a dust mop. The stone is also resistant to bacteria, fungus and mold.
  • Value. Marble floors add immeasurable value to your home, both monetary and aesthetic.
  • Durability. Marble is forever. With proper care, it can look as good centuries from now as it does today. These floors can be polished any number of times. Marble floors last up to five times longer than any other type of flooring.
  • Versatility. Marble floors can be installed in virtually any room of the house.
  • Cooling properties. On hot summer days, marble floors remain cool.
  • Choice. There is a huge variety of marble to choose from, with colours ranging from snow-white to mahogany black. You may also select from hundreds of patterns and styles.
  • Cleaning. Because marble is resistant to moisture, cleaning up spills on a marble floor is simple. The only things needed to clean a marble floor are mild soap, water and a dry cloth or mop.
Challenges with Marble Flooring
  • Cost. The initial cost of marble flooring is higher than most other materials. However, once the durability of the stone is factored in, it's clear that marble floors are actually cost-effective.
  • Upkeep. Marble does require upkeep in order to look its best. It should be sealed annually and kept clean. Regular professional cleaning and polishing maximizes the stone's beauty.
  • Kitchen Use. It used to be said that marble was unsuitable for kitchen floors, but with today's sealing techniques, this is no longer true. However, if acidic foods are spilled on the floor and not cleaned up quickly, they can damage the stone. As well, the fact that marble is so hard means that any glass object dropped in the kitchen will likely shatter.
Despite these challenges, there is nothing like the elegance of a beautiful marble floor.